14 Mar

The immune system plays a decisive role in the protection of our organism. We could refer to it as a very complex network of cells and molecules that work together and are very well organized to fight against harmful substances, pathogens and participate in the healing of wounds and damaged tissues. It works so efficiently that we are not aware that it is acting all day long protecting us from thousands of microorganisms that surround us and can make us sick. With this post we are going to discover what mechanisms our body has to defend itself and how we can help it, in addition we introduce you to a new product from the Pure State line Lactoferrin immuno C+D, specially developed with vitamins C and D that help the normal functioning of the immune system.

First of all, in order to know how to take care of our defenses we have to understand what the immune system is and how it works. The immune system is our body's protection against antigens or pathogens and is responsible for recognizing our own or non-self by creating an immune response. Therefore, it is very important that we take care of it. Our immune system has 2 main types of protective response that complement each other:

Primary response: composed of our skin and secretions (sweat glands, sebaceous glands, cilia of the nose and mucous membranes, tears, gastric juice, intestinal microbiota...). It is the first barrier of defense of our body with which these antigens or pathogens meet when they want to enter our organism and infect us. It reacts in a non-specific and fast way. It constitutes a very important barrier of defense because thanks to it we can defend ourselves from harmful substances so that they cannot create damage in our body.

Cellular response: although our first barrier acts in a very effective way, there are times when the aggressor substances overcome it and are able to enter our organism and that is when our cellular barrier comes into action. This is a series of cells (called immune cells) that when they perceive that something external and not their own has entered the organism, they start to react in a specific way creating a series of actions to be able to trap the antigen and eliminate it.

How can we support our immune system?

Balanced and varied diet

Many studies have shown that the type of food we eat is closely related to the immune system and that food is the basis of our health. An adequate supply of energy and micronutrients is essential.


Maintaining our circadian rhythm is as important as our diet. Circadian rhythms can influence some bodily and health functions such as hormone secretion, sleep-wake cycles, eating habits and digestion, among others. A number of hours of restful sleep favors an optimal functioning of our defense system.

Active lifestyle

Active physical activity helps to maintain good health, physical fitness and mental well-being, and should be a regular and scheduled part of our lives (walking, cycling, running, swimming, etc.).

Control stress

Cortisol is the well-known stress hormone that our body produces in a self-limiting way in alarming situations. What happens is that when the factor that produces stress is always present, it is very difficult to control the production of cortisol and it is produced in excess creating a prolonged stress that can also affect our immune system.

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